EVO Payments International and MagTek Sign Agreement for Security Services

February 25, 2014

The arrangement enables MagTek’s security solutions and hardware to deliver a proven, dynamic security offering to EVO’s partners and merchants to protect all types of payment transactions.

MagTek Responds to the Recent Spate of Cardholder Data Breaches

February 10, 2014

Opens its Global MagnePrint Exchange as a Free Service to All Merchants and Law Enforcement Agencies

MagTek Announces An Exciting Collaboration with ShopKeep POS to Protect Cardholder Data and Eliminate Payment Card Fraud

April 30, 2013

ShopKeep POS contributes MagnePrint Authentication Data to Magensa, LLC aiding the battle to identify and fight counterfeit credit card fraud at the point of sale.

Fiserv Makes it Easy for Small Businesses to Enroll for SpotPay and Accept Cards and Checks

March 07, 2013

SpotPay provides anywhere, anytime mobile card and check payments for small businesses through their trusted financial institutions

SubtleData Teams Up with MagTek to Provide Retailers a Secure Mobile Point of Sale Payment Solution

January 14, 2013

New York City, NY (January 14, 2013) – MagTek, Inc., a global leader in retail electronic payment security, today announced a strategic collaboration with SubtleData, the company that connects mobile technology to point of sale systems, to give retailers a completely integrated, secure card swipe solution for their mobile point of sale system. (Read...)

InstaMed First to Offer End-To-End Encrypted Card Reader for Patient Payments

December 15, 2010

MagTek's Centurion card swipe device safeguards patients and their personal data (Read...)

MagTek and WorldPay Align to Protect Cardholder Data and Minimize Counterfeit Card Fraud

December 8, 2010

MagneSafe™ secured products and services to be certified with WorldPay (Read...)

Magensa joins FS-ISAC to enhance national card fraud reduction capabilities

July 21, 2010

Payment Processor Invited to Join Infrastructure Protection Organization to Assist with Card Processors' Security Procedures, Preparedness. (Read...)

MagTek's QwickPAY, A Secure "Card Present" POS System for End-to-End Transaction Security, Now Supports Apple's IOS4 and the iPhone 4G

June 15, 2010

MagTek, Inc., a global leader in retail payment security, today announced QwickPAY – a service using the Magensa payment protection gateway – is available as a free download at the App Store. (Read...)

MagTek Responds to the SPVA's Recently Published E2E Guidelines

June 1, 2010

MagTek, Inc., a well known leader in payment security, today responded to the Secure POS Vendors Alliance and its published guidelines on the application of encryption technology (E2E) to payment card data used for retail financial transactions. (Read...)

MagTek Launches QwickPay, A Secure "Card Present" POS System for End-to-End Transaction Security

April 13, 2010

QwickPAY Protects Cardholder Sensitive Data and Lets Merchants Process Payments Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place (Read...)

MagTek Launches iDynamo, A Secure Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Authenticator for iPhone and iPod Touch

April 13, 2010

MagTek’s iDynamo Secures Sensitive Cardholder Data While Stopping Counterfeit Card Fraud at Point of Swipe (Read...)

MagTek to Demonstrate MagneSafe End-toEnd Transaction Security at "ETA Technology Showcase"

April 13, 2010

MagneSafe Protects Sensitive Card Data from the Point of Swipe and Deters Counterfeit Card Fraud (Read...)

MagnePrint® dynamic card authentication receives enthusiastic support by Merchant Warehouse to help retailers identify and decline counterfeit payment cards at the POS

January 11, 2010

Merchant Warehouse’s customers will have access to the lowest cost and
most secure processing service. (Read...)

MagTek and BCI Announce the Success of MagnePrint in Combating Card Fraud at More Than 500 ATMs

May 27, 2009

MagTek®, Inc., a global leader in secure electronic payment technology, today announced the success of its deployment of MagnePrint® card authentication technology by Banco Credito Inversiones (BCI), the third largest private bank in Chile. (Read...)

PayPal Virtual Terminal Safeguards Merchant Transactions with MagneSafe Secure Card Reader from MagTek

Feb 09, 2009

MagneSafe Enables Users of PayPal Virtual Terminal Software to Save Time and Reduce Errors By Swiping Instead of Typing. (Read...)

Magensa™ and MagneSafe™ 2.0 – End to End Encryption PCI Solution for Secure POS

January 12, 2009

MagneSafe Secure Magstripe Readers (MSR's) and ASP will support the newly released MagneSafe 2.0 data format. MagneSafe MSR’s allow retailers to implement “end to end encryption" of sensitive cardholder data, and to authenticate magnetic stripe cards as they are processed at POS locations. (Read...)

Hypercom Introduces HyperSafe(R) Secure(TM) to Protect Cardholder Data Industry Leading End-to-End Security Lets Consumers Shop Safely

December 4, 2008

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today introduced HyperSafe Secure, a solution that encrypts cardholder data during transaction processing so that sensitive information is never exposed. HyperSafe Secure is specifically designed to combat and halt the growing enterprise of criminal efforts to steal unencrypted cardholder data through breaches of merchant networks, applications and servers that store and transmit sensitive cardholder data. (Read...)

Magensa’s Decryption Services and MagTek’s MagneSafe™ Bluetooth Readers Selected by eProcessing Network to Implement Secure Customer Card Data with Mobile Devices

April 14, 2008

MagTek’s MagneSafe Secure Readers integrate data encryption and card authentication to meet all PCI/DSS requirements. (Read...)

Magensa™ Joins PCI Security Standards Council as Newest Participating Organization

April 7, 2008

Magensa, an application service provider of credential, hardware, and website authentication systems for secure online banking and e-commerce functions, announced today that it has joined the PCI Security Standards Council as a new participating organization. As a Participating Organization, Magensa will work with the Council to evolve the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) and other payment card data protection standards. (Read...)

MagneSafe™ Secure Card Readers Are Now Compatible with ARTS UPOS Specifications

January 14, 2008

Magensa™, a Hosted ASP providing credential authentication services and card authentication hardware devices for secure online banking and e-commerce applications, announces that its MagneSafe Secure Magstripe Readers (MSR’s) will be compatible with the latest ARTS UnifiedPOS 1.12 specification to be unveiled at the NRF Convention and Expo, January 14th – 15th at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. (Read...)

MagneSafe™ Readers Provide Secure Internet Transactions with the Swipe of a Card Showcasing Magensa’s latest line of MagneSafe Authenticator Devices

November 13, 2007

Magensa™, a Trusted Verification Authority providing ASP credential authentication services and card authentication devices for online banking and e-commerce applications, will showcase its new line of portable MagneSafe Card-Reader Authenticator devices at the upcoming BAI Retail Delivery Conference, November 13th – 15th in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Read...)